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African Braid Styles Including Sleek Cornrow Hairstyles

At Nina African Hair Braiding in Jonesboro, Georgia, enjoy a wide variety of African braid styles and cornrow hairstyles perfect for your look. Our salon offers an array of hair services, from braiding to hair extensions to touch-ups.

Senegalese Twist
Bring out a funky look to your straight or curly hair with our Senegalese Twist. This hairstyle gives a distinctive appeal to your overall appearance. This braid is very easy to maintain and style.

Micro Braids
Have a more polished look with our salon’s Micro Braids. These are tiny, single braids that are usually braided halfway, leaving the rest of your hair falling on your shoulders. You can wear them in a variety of styles, be it curly, wet, wavy, or dead straight.

This is a traditional African style of hair grooming also called rows, braids, or canerows in the Caribbean. The hair is braided as closely to your scalp as possible using an underhand, upward motion producing a continuous, raised row. This hairstyle forms a complicated geometric or curvilinear design or a simple straight line or row.

Tree Braid
The method starts with small cornrows at you front hairline and ends at the nape of your neck. The hair is added to create a full head weave. We use synthetic, pony, or human hair depending on what you prefer. The braid usually lasts for four to six weeks.

Other Braid Styles

  •  Afro Twist
  • Yarn Twist
  • Nafy Twist
  • Nubian Kinky
  • Nubian Twist
  •  Kinky Twist
  • Flat Twist
  • Fluffy Twist
  • Cornrow Twist
  • Gel Twist
  •  Dread Lock
  • Kinky Cornrows
  • Lacing
  • Box Braids
  • Goddess Braids
  •  Human Micro Braid
  • Invisible Braids
  • Janet Jackson Braid
  • Macro/Mini Braids


  • Weaves
  • Fusion
  • Fusion • Human Hair


  • Men Style
  • Kid's Style
  • Individual
  • Pixie
  • Bobs

Contact us in Jonesboro, Georgia, for frizz-free look with our cornrow hairstyles and other African braid styles.